Electronic Warfare Testing And Training Tange (EWTTR)

Electronic Warfare Testing and Training Range (EWTTR) provides Electronic Warfare training for pilots and aircrafts in an integrated, fully instrumented and real-like threat environment. Designed by HAVELSAN using entirely indigenous engineering resources and capabilities, this system offers fit-for-purpose, turnkey solutions for Electronic Warfare Testing and Training.

The system is in service of the Turkish Air Forces since late 1999 and integration of new threat systems successfully continue.
• Training with instrumented and integrated real threat radar systems
• Easy-to-use and -sustain threat emitter simulators
• Data collection, recording, 3D display for all components of the system
• High-fidelity projectile and missile simulations for threat systems
• Post-mission reporting and analysis
• Entirely modular and portable structure

References: Turkish Air Forces, South Korean Air Forces,Pakistani Air Forces.

Record: 1/18/2017