Flight Training Center

Modeling is done on transport and tanker aircrafts according to suitable environmental conditions and load. Real-like trainings can be given on the simulated aircrafts with the data received from platform manufacturer companies and by simulating realistic environmental conditions. Simulators offer orientation, emergency and procedure, mission refresher, mission rehearsal, Jump Master / Load Master and boom operator trainings.

In addition, pilot trainings are supported with computer-assisted trainings given in advance of simulator use and post-mission flight debriefings by recording the flights during trainings of the pilots.

Benefit level of trainings is enhanced with realistic databases and visual angles in transport aircraft simulators. Primary sub-systems modeled in simulators are as the following:
  • Main Flight Software Based on Real Aircraft Manufacturer Data
  • Simulation of Avionic Systems
  • Visual system (Image Generator and Display Systems)
  • Visual Database
  • Servers
  • Motion System
  • Control Loading System
  • Power Distribution Cabinets and Safety Systems
  • Tactical Peripheral Simulation
References: CN-235 – Turkish Air Forces, CN-235 – South Korean Air Forces.

Record: 1/18/2017