Havelsan Ammunition Scoring System (HMUSS)

HAVELSAN AMMUNITION SCORING SYSTEM (HMUPS) has been developed to ensure scoring without human intervention for air-to-ground ammunition fires. The system is capable of scoring more than one fire simultaneously at more than one target. Reports generated by the system contain hitting images and videos for subsequent reviews and analyses.

Capable of automatic ammunition firing scoring using certain sensors under various environmental conditions, the Video Ammunitions Scoring System performs scoring of ammunitions based on a standard measurement capability, which in turn makes training assessments more unbiased, objective and reliable. Since the  system is capable of measuring with certain precision under certain conditions, scoring of ammunition firing is done based on standard measurement capability and thus training assessments will be impartial and more reliable.

General characteristics of the system:
  • Camera-based automatic scoring for bombs and rockets
  • Multiple bombardment (artillery) targets for high and low angles
  • Acoustic sensor arrangement for projectile detection
  • Simultaneous scoring
  • Mission planning
  • Post-mission data entry
  • Post-mission analysis
  • Scoring with laser indication on LGB target
  • Day and night operation
  • Operation Control Center
  • Weather condition information for each impact The system gives the below-listed long-term statistics for Pilot, Aircraft and Ammunition:
  • Circular Error Probable
  • Range Error Probable
  • Probable Error Deflection
  • Probable Single Ship Damage

References: Turkish Air Forces, Royal Saudi Air Forces.

Record: 1/18/2017