Helicopter Flight Trainning Centers

Helicopter Flight Training Center is a turn-key integrated solution based on modern aviation school philosophy for the purpose of supporting the training of pilots and flight technicians. There are various synthetic training devices and supporting equipment such as Full and/or Partial Mission Simulators, Tactical Control Center, Computer-Based  Training Rooms and Debriefing Systems, Training Management and Information Systems at the Training Centers.

Helicopter Simulators have been designed and produced in order to create a high-fidelity and zero-risk training environment to be used for orientation, emergency, refresher, combat readiness, mission rehearsal and maintenance / testing trainings of pilots. The pilots get the real helicopter flight sense by means of CS-FSTD (H) Level-D Full Mission Simulators with motion and vibration platforms available at the Flight Training Centers. Sensor / Operator Trainer which simulates the rear cabin of helicopter ensure complete,  high-fidelity training for the entire crew especially radar and sonar operators. All of the simulators available at the Center can offer trainings in an integrated flight scenario monitored and managed from the Exercise Control Center and also perform separate independent missions.

Basic and Advanced Level Trainings on Simulators:
  • Cockpit Procedures
  • Engine Startup, Stop and Rotor Stop / Blade Folding
  • Taxi Controls and Rule
  • Landing / Take-Off
  • Normal and Emergency Procedures
  • FLIR
  • Instrument Flight Training
    • TACAN
    • ADF
    • VOR/ILS
    • FMS
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) Training
    • FMS SAR Patterns
    • Rescue Winch
  • Training with Night Vision Goggles
  • MFD/CDU/DTU Tactical Menus
  • IFF
  • Link 11
  • Radar
  • Simulation of Weapon Systems (PENGUIN, HELLFIRE, MK46 Mod5 Torpedo, UMTAS, CIRIT, STINGER, 2.75” Gravity Rocket, 20mm Nose- Mounted Cannon)
  • Mission Recording
  • Sonar Simulation (HELRAS, AN/AQS-18A)
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Simulation
    • ESM
    • CMDS (Chaff & Flare Shooter) System Simulation
    • MWS Missile Warning System Simulation
    • IRCM Infrared Counteraction System Simulation
  • Ship-Based Training
    • Landing on / Take-Off from Gabya and Barbaros class frigates
    • ASIST system
    • Vertical Supply
    • HIFR

Technical Specifications of Simulators:
  • Aerodynamic simulation based on data from helicopter manufacturer
  • Helicopter systems simulation
  • 6-degree freedom motion system
  • Load control system
  • Vibration Platform
  • Direct reflected / collimated visual system of wide angle of view
  • Visual database consisting of high-resolution satellite images
  • Multi-channel image generator
  • National Tactical Peripheral Simulation
  • Simulated emergencies (malfunction)
  • Avionics and sensor systems simulation
  • Radio and Navigation system
  • Services (Air, terrain, navigation)
  • DIS/HLA interface capability
  • Cockpit consisting of real simulated / simulated parts
  • In-simulator instructor station
  • Realistic sound simulation
  • Safety and infrastructure systems
  • CS-FSTD (H) FMS Level D Qualification
  • NVG compatibility
References: S-70A D/DSAR Blackhawk, S-70B Seahawk, AS 532 Cougar, AW 139, T 129 ATAK.

Record: 1/18/2017