Missile Systems Training Simulators

Missile Systems Training Simulator is a system developed for the purpose of conducting user trainings in a classroom environment. The system provides a realistic training environment for any type of medium/long range missile with infrared sensor head that is fired from the surface or helicopter. 
  • Realistic 3D combat field simulation
  • High-resolution satellite images and altitude data
  • Addition of new scenario terrains
  • Digital cultural data integration
  • Scenarios controlled by instructor
  • Different angles of view
  • Day Camera/IR Monocular image
  • Thermal seeker image
  • Seeker engagement simulation
  • Virtual player and scenario replay
  • Realistic ballistic simulation
  • Weather condition effects
  • Peripheral sound effects
  • Recording and Replay, Post-Activity Reviews
References: OMTAS (Mid-Range Antitank Missile), UMTAS (Long-Range Antitank Missile)

Record: 10/4/2017