Mission/Sensor Operator Trainer

Sensor Operator Trainer (SOT) is a stationary, modular and fully portable replica of a rear cabin of a helicopter. SOT is capable of offering integrated training to sensor operators with individual training or Full Mission Simulator (helicopter front cabin).

SOT comprises the following units:
  • Tactical Sensor Operator (TSO) Console
  • Acoustic Sensor Operator (TSO) Console
  • Simulation of Sonar Reeling Machine
  • Instructor Operator System Console (with two stations)
  • Electronic Cabinets
SOT Simulation Modules Specifications:
  • Tactical Environment (Link 11 capability)
  • Instructor Operator System
  • Simplified Aerodynamic Model
  • Mission Sensors (Sonar, Radar, EW, Link 11, FLIR)
  • Navigation and Communication System
References: S70B Seahawk, Naval Forces Patrol Aircraft MPA


Record: 10/5/2017