Submarine Diving Simulator (SDS)

The Submarine Diving Simulator has been designed to train the maneuver room crew of submarines. The simulator has software and hardware infrastructure to be used for underwater/surface diving and surfacing operations and command & control trainings. The simulator system features a high-fidelity mathematical submarine model to simulate dynamic behaviors of submarine. Rolling and trim maneuvers are simulated by means of two-axis motion system.
  • Diving and surfacing trainings
  • Charge - Discharge trainings
  • Underwater trainings up to maximum diving depth
  • Change and preservation of depth
  • Change of route
  • Rotation at different steering angles and speeds
  • Use of fore and aft diving planes
  • Navigation with snorkel
  • Depth control at high speeds
  • Navigation at different depths and static surfacing and diving procedures
  • Trim procedures
  • Torpedo firing effect
  • Effects of sea conditions, stream and bottom structure on underwater and near-surface navigation
  • Effect of density difference
  • Effect of raising and retracting snorkel, navigation and attack periscopes
  • Trainings on emergency situations

References: U209.

Record: 1/18/2017