Training, Simulation And Test Center For Comat In Residential Areas

Training, Simulation and Test Center for Combat in Residential Areas (3MES) is an integrated training that ensures trainings are conducted in both real and simulated residential areas, on virtual simulators and engagement simulations environment.

Benefits expected from the center include:
  • Three-dimensional familiarity with operation area before engagement,
  • Creation of situations that might be seen in the actual operation environment, thus improvement of automatic reflexes of trainees against such situations,
  • Operation planning and execution in both real and virtual conditions in level of a company; operation planning opportunity in the simulation environment created up to level of corps,
  • "Intelligence Preparation in Combat Zone in Residential Areas” in a threedimensional simulation environment,
  • Capability to repeat as many times as desired the actions oriented at gaining new skills and reinforcement of incomplete skills of trainees at the early stages of training,
  • Performance of refresher trainings in the subsequent stage of training,
  • Effective “post-activity examination” by turning to a desired point in the training,
  • Development of skills of trainees in practical level on the following subjects:
    • Movement techniques in residential areas,
    • Entrance into buildings,
    • Clearing buildings,
    • Preparation of defense positions,
  • Development of IED detection procedures and awareness creation on this subject,
  • Components used in increasing reality of environment:
    • System for tracking trainees,
    • Weapon systems,
    • Video cameras,
    • Sensors,
    • Combat Training Field in Residential Areas (smart buildings and houses)
    • Vehicles.

Record: 1/18/2017