Training Management Information Systems

Training Management Information System (“TMIS”) ensures the arrangement of training activities on the Simulator Centers and the maintenance activities necessary for continuous availability of equipment used during these trainings. TMIS also facilitates execution of administrative works and affairs at the simulator center in addition to planning. Transactions and procedures such as keeping records of incoming and outgoing documents, creation of weekly activity reports or making records of significant activities are made in the TMIS. Entries made into the TMIS and transactions performed on the TMIS are recorded. Messages generated by simulators can also be displayed in the TMIS. 
  • Entry of training content and planning
  • Observation of training progress according to the curriculum
  • Module for maintenance, repair and logistics support activities
  • Notification of malfunctions to maintenance personnel
  • Notification of malfunction entries to relevant personnel
  • Recording all processes
References: Army Aviation Helicopter Training Center, Naval Aviation Training Center

Record: 10/5/2017